Medical Museum Science Café: Quack Medicine: A History of Combating Health Fraud in 20th Century America

Dates: July 23, 2013 at 6-7 p.m.

Location: Silver Spring Civic Building, Fenton Room
1 Veterans Place
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Cost: Free

Join NMHM's archives assistant and author Eric Boyle, Ph.D., as he exposes the history of allegedly fraudulent therapies, including pain medications, obesity and asthma cures, gastrointestinal remedies, virility treatments, and panaceas for diseases, such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. Alternative medicine and new treatments undoubtedly save lives and ease suffering, but their existence also leaves the public susceptible to false claims and potentially injurious practices. While "quackbusters" crusade to control and shape the medical marketplace, legislators are caught in a persistent battle between preserving individual freedoms and protecting the public from fraud. For more information, call 301-319-3303 or visit


Photo caption/credit: Cover of Eric W. Boyle’s book, "Quack Medicine: A History of Combating Health Fraud in Twentieth-Century America." (Image Courtesy of Eric W. Boyle)