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Medical Museum Science Café

Aircrew in Extreme Environments: Aerospace and Operational Physiology in the U.S. Air Force


Download flyer (PDF 5 MB)

When: Tuesday, October 24, 6-7 pm

National Museum of Health and Medicine
2500 Linden Lane
Silver Spring, MD 20910


Military aviation has always "pushed the envelope" of performance and operational capability. The human body is often the limiting factor in how high, how far, how fast, or how long aircraft operations can go. Aerospace medicine professionals dedicate their careers to finding ways to improve human performance for military aviators, bridging the gap between the safety of the crew and the extremes of today's mission demands. U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Troy Faaborg is an Aerospace and Operational Physiologist who will present his role in optimizing human performance for USAF aircrew and the Airmen who support their missions.


FREE! Open to the public. No RSVP required.


Call (301) 319-3303 or email USArmy.Detrick.MEDCOM-USAMRMC.List.Medical-Museum@mail.mil

Request ADA accommodations five business days in advance at (301) 319-3303 or by email to: USArmy.Detrick.MEDCOM-USAMRMC.List.Medical-Museum@mail.mil.