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Trauma Bay II, Balad, Iraq

6,000 Mile ICU

Seriously wounded patients are cared for en-route by a Critical Care Air Transport Team, including the critical care physician, ICU nurse and respiratory therapist. The team can provide direct care for up to three patients.

Entrance to the exhibit Sorenson Ambit military patient-controlled analgesia pump is the first regional anesthesia device certified for in-flight usage. This programmable pump is capable of performing infusions for epidurals, continuous peripheral nerve blocks, and intravenous patient controlled analgesia.

View of tent in exhibit gallery The Special Medical Emergency Evacuation Device (SMEED) allows for Intensive Care Unit-level monitoring of patients while they are being flown to higher-level treatment facilities.

View into the section of the emergency room tent Stryker PainPump 2 is the standard programmable nerve block pump used to manage pain while a patient is flown out of theater.