Brain Awareness Week at NMHM

Brain Awareness Week 2021

Virtual Brain Awareness Day, March 19, 2021

Brain Awareness Week is a global campaign to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science. Every March, partners host imaginative activities in their communities that share the wonders of the brain and the impact brain science has on our everyday lives.

Brain Awareness Week was founded by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and the European Dana Alliance for the Brain. In 2000, the Dana Foundation joined forces with the museum to develop a program designed especially for middle school students. The program has helped to instill a sense of excitement about neuroscience and STEM careers, while bringing awareness and understanding of current research to our young audience.

Staff from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Audiology Clinic introduce students to the auditory system and lead through a demonstration on how the vestibular system affects balance on March 18, 2016, during Brain Awareness Week.
Students step inside the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development's Drunken Brain exhibit on March 16, 2016, during NMHM's Brain Awareness Week. Students learned about some of the unique effects of alcohol on the brain.

This year, Brain Awareness Day will take place online as a Facebook event to address safety concerns for our visitors and staff. Join us and our partners on Facebook starting at 10 a.m. on Friday, March 19 to learn brain basics. The program will include a series of educational videos, activities, and information about the brain. Topics will range from brain anatomy and physiology, concussion and traumatic brain injury, brain development, and more.

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Past Brain Awareness Week

2019 Brain Awareness Week Visitors Experience Interactive Presentations about Neuroscience